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Bifold Wallets

Nº 6 Leather bi-fold wallet

This wallet features a single large interior pocket perfect for storing cash, receipts, etc. and 4 interior pockets to hold your credit cards and ID. Each card pocket can hold up to 3 cards comfortably and features a centered rounded cutout for ease of removing your cards. The wallet is fully hand…

Valet Trays

Rose buttero valet tray

Rose buttero valet tray

This tray is the perfect storage setup to drop off your keys, sunglasses, or whatever! And this batch of valet trays is made from exquisite Conceria Walpier Buttero leather in rose! It has just a slight hint of pink to the leather giving it a unique character you’ll love.

Cable Tacos

conceria walpier buttero cable tacos

conceria walpier buttero cable tacos

Keep your life untangled with the Magnolia Leatherworks Premium Cable Taco Bundle! These tacos are made from some of the finest leather available! Each cable taco closes with a brass snap and is the perfect size to keep your small cables perfectly…


Customer Reviews

“I got the holster today and I wanted you to know how impressed I am with the product. The heavy harness leather, the finish and color of the leather, the fit of the cartridges and the firearm, the fit for my waist and thigh, the construction details, even including the edges of the leather, indicate to me that you pay great attention to detail. The holster and belt along with a replica Mare's Leg which I constructed will become an heirloom in my family.  Thank you.”

“Excellent job I really like the 1875 holster but the popper holster is absolutely beautiful tooling is awesome!!! My irons fit like a glove in both holsters. Job well done!!!” 

“I received the holster today, absolutely beautiful. I am going to end up wearing your leather exclusively…”